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Julius Caesar: A Study of Manipulation

What’s it about?  Caesar has many friends and many supporters, but apparently not quite enough. Some are beginning to question whether he has grown too tyrannical and needs to be stopped. A group of them, including Caesar’s trusted friend, Brutus, agree on a plan. They kill Caesar (”E tu, Brute?). But then…well, things don’t go exactly as planned. What’s it…

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Per one estimate, 96 of the 154 sonnets credited to Shakespeare contain rhymes that have since been lost to linguistic history. The Atlantic writes on why we should be laughing more when we read Shakespeare. If you’d prefer to revere him, here’s a piece on Shakespeare as God. (via millionsmillions)

Love’s Labour Lost: When efforts fall short

What’s it about?  Four (wealthy/upper class) young men make a deal that they are going to study together for three years. They agree on a set of rules for this time, which includes not seeing any women. However, a princess comes to visit and, with her retinue containing a total of four women, well…let’s just say some pairing off definitely…

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