NaNoWriMo Writing Tips from Shakespeare

If you’re tackling NaNoWriMo this year, check out these helpful tips from Shakespeare:

1.     When in doubt, deus ex machina it.

2.     Why write “she’s pretty hot” when you can write, “but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and this chick is the sun so shine on, baby!”?

3.     If you don’t have any story ideas, just steal them from someone else. They won’t care. Probably.

4.     Why write “yes” when you can write, “aye, forsooth; marry, what you hath spoken is verily not false but has the countenance of truth in all its establishèd veracity”?

5.     What am even research? Just make stuff up.

6.     Save your brain power for the poetic asides—not the plot.

7.     When in doubt, liven things up with a little crossdressing. Alternatively, crossdressing twins.

8.     Characters are overrated. You can kill them. All.

9.     Structure sentence grammar and unimportant are. You do you.

10.  Fear not a small vocabulary. Just make up your own words. People will figure it out.


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